It is off-season for sumo wrestling

but I luck out: There’s an all-day exhibition match on the yokozuna-the grand champions-in an arena

within the heart in the city, like an physical appearance by Hakuho Sho, a 32-year-old Mongolian superhero

who holds the history for many profession wins.

So make sure that your Tokyo Travel daytime

itinerary leaves you with more than enough energy to do some serious exploring come night time.

When Hakuho initial arrived in Tokyo, at age 15, he was so small no sumo “stable,” or coaching

facility, would choose him in; now he’s the greatest of All Time. The leading rule of sumo seems to be:

Drive your competitor outside of the ring.

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The boys sq. off, pulling the tassels all around their waists towards the side, after which you can slap

their thighs. In fact I have no clue what’s happening. The last match on the working day is really a nail-

biter: As his successful shift, Hakuho someway lifts up his 293-pound opponent and drops him outdoors the

ring like a rag doll.

The app is also honored in almost 50 cities outside of China

I go ahead and take Chiyoda line

Youngsters take in rainbow-colored clouds

girls have umbrellas to avoid getting a tan

It’s off-season for sumo wrestling

The men square off